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Planning & Development

The RPCA Planning and Development Committee meets regularly to discuss community development and intensification issues, traffic levels and congestion, cycling and pedestrian access and city-wide environmental issues.  The committee also liaises with other Community Associations on issues of common interest.


We are currently seeking new members for the committee. If you want to help make Riverview Park a better place to live by influencing development, please contact Kris Nanda.

Attached are the links to development charge information in the City of Ottawa. 

Link to www.ottawa.ca where you can locate Development Charge information:


YouTube Video explaining Ottawa’s Development Charges:


 List if items Development Charges pay for:

Roads & Related Services

Sanitary (Waste Water)


Stormwater Drainage


Public Transit

Parks Development (District Parks)

Recreation Facilities


Paramedic Service

Affordable Housing

Corporate Studies


2 thoughts on “Planning & Development

  1. Hi,
    I want to organize a petition for stop signs on Coronation Avenue. We are tired of the increased traffic along our street. We moved here 20 years ago now with the development at train yards and industrial, Coronation is used as a throghfare to bypass Industrial. I have pressed John Fraser, vehicles just run over the flappper things put on the street. The other night there was a dodge charger driving at least three times the speed limit. I feel like nobody is listening. Stop signs or lights and increased police presence will greatly decrease traffic and speeders.

    Thank you


  2. Hi Christine, did you attend the meeting last spring regarding your street? They did a traffic study as a result of concerns and determined by the city standards that there wasn’t enough traffic to warrant a stop sign. I’ll see if I have the meeting summary and forward it to you


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