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Community stats

Statistics were derived from 2006 Census information and may not be completely accurate due to the granularity of Statistics Canada source data available (** see note – bottom of page). 

A best guess was made to represent Riverview Park only based on available information.

 2006 Data:

Riverview Park’s population: 12,776

Median Age: 37

Population over 15 years: 87%


Land area of approximately 6.6 square km (1.932 residents per km)

Approx. 2,590 owned dwellings in Riverview Park and 3,508 rental dwellings.  

Mode of Transportation to Work:

** Note: Statistics Canada information is used with the permission)of Statistics Canada. Users are forbidden to copy the data and redisseminate them, in an original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without permission from Statistics Canada. Information on the availability of the wide range of data from Statistics Canada can be obtained from Statistics Canada’s Regional Offices, its World Wide Web site at http://www.statcan.gc.ca, and its toll-free access number 1-800-263-1136.

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