Welcome to Riverview Park, Ottawa, Ontario

Official Website of the Riverview Park Community Association (RPCA)

Schools and day cares

Alta Vista Co-operative Nursery School
480 Avalon Place
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 0W4
Telephone: (613) 733-9746 Fax: (613) 733-9796
E-mail: avcns@magma.ca Website: http://www.avcns.com

Ottawa Montessori (Montessori school)
335 Lindsay St
Ottawa ON, K1G 0L6
Fax: 613-521-6796
Email: info@ottawamontessori.com

Lycée Claudel (French elementary)
1635 Riverside Dr,
Ottawa, ON, K1G0E5
(613) 733-8522

Franco Cité (French High School)
623 Smyth Rd
Ottawa, ON
(613) 521-4999
Fax #: 613-521-8499

Riverview Park Alternative (English alternative education)
260 Knox Cres
Ottawa ON, K1G 0K8
(613) 733-6898
Fax: 613-733-0483

Vincent Massey (English public)
745 Smyth Rd
Ottawa ON, K1G 1N9
(613) 733-5955
Fax: 613-733-0925

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