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“Volunteers Extraordinaires”

  • The RPCA is blessed with many dedicated and devoted volunteers. To date, the following Riverview Park residents have received RPCA volunteer awards:
    • Paul and Heather McGuire
    • Orrin and Pam Clayton
    • Janina Nickus
    • Bill Fairbairn
    • Carole Moult
    • Susan Scott
    • Louis Comerton
    • Helen McGurrin
    • Brant Scott
    • Bill Fairbairn
    • Janina Nickus
    • Nadine Chamorel
    • Shannon and Robert Stoney
    • Sandra Lawson
    • Marie Perkins
    • Faye Skeery
    • Dean Lakin
    • Roger Piche
    • Paul Walsh
    • Karin Keyes Endemann
    • Tim Mark
    • Kris Nanda
    • John Neal
  • Anne Stairs
  • Dianne Hoddinott
  • Lynn Bezanson
  • Jennifer Sayers
  • Bernadette Bailey
  • Paul Puritt

You can see their pictures in the attached .pdf file

We also have a Volunteer Policy – which you can read here:

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